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THEYYAM is a word, derived from the word DAIVAM (Malayalam meaning of LORD). It is also known as Kaliyattam or Thira.  Theyyam consists of rituals and custom associated with Kavu or Kottam (A place for worshipping) in Malabar area.                                                                                                                      Cheruvattil Koyitti Gurukkanmar Theyyam Theyyam season in Malab ar starts from 10th of Thulam (a Malayalam month) and lasts till middle of Edavam month (October-May).  Theyyam is performed by people from different castes and tribes. For performing Theyyam, the person needs to perform Vratha (a special life habit) till the Theyyam finishes. The facial makeup has colourful drawings and art.                                                                                                                                    VishnuMoorthy   The facial drawings are different for different Theyyams.   Normally, Theyyam is performed in the night.   The f


  St.Angelos Fort or Kannur Fort is a historical monument and the most attracted tourist spot at Kannur. It was built by The Portuguese in the year 1505. Later, in 1663, The Dutch captured the Fort from Portugese. In 1772 Dutch sold the Fort to King Ali Raja of Arakkal and in 1790, British seized the Fort and used it till 1947. The fort is built of Red Stone, locally available in Malabar. Now, This Fort is under Archeological Survey of India. The breezy atmosphere in the evenings is unforgettable. The entry to this fort is from 9AM to 6PM. Entry fee is Rs.25 for Indian or SAARC country adults and Rs.300 for foreigners. How to reach... Nearest railway station  : Kannur (CAN)- 3 KMs Nearest airport   - Kannur Intl Airport (CNN)- 29 KMs.                                        


       Kanjirakolly is an enchanting destination for nature lovers, situated in Kannur District. The highest point is 3100 feet from sea level. The main attractions nearby are, Sasippara view point and Alakapuri water falls. The sunset at Kanjirakolly is a memorable experience. Nearest Railway station : Kannur (CAN)     - 60 KMs Nearest Airport              : Kannur Intl Airport (CNN)- 45 KMs